Welcome to my green sanctuary! I’m Dr. Menaka Bharathi, a PhD in agriculture and 20+ years of experience in nutrigarden and your companion in the enchanting world of terrace gardening and urban agriculture. My journey began with a simple observation: our disconnection from the food on our plates. I saw the sprawling cityscapes with little to no space for nature to thrive, and it struck a chord.

The challenge was daunting, yet it beckoned me. I delved into the art of cultivating herbs, greens, and vegetables right where space seemed a luxury—in the cozy confines of our balconies and rooftops. Through trials, errors, and patient experimentation, I unearthed the secret to lush, bountiful microgardens that could sprout even in the smallest of spaces.

The outcome was more than just fresh produce; it was a revolution in miniature. Each tiny garden became a testament to sustainability and self-reliance. My mission now is clear—to empower you to transform your urban nook into a personal Eden. Let’s grow not just gardens, but a movement towards greener, healthier living. Together, we’ll sow the seeds for a greener future, one terrace at a time.

Don’t let city life dictate your diet. Sim Organics empowers you to reclaim your health by growing fresh, chemical-free food, be it your house or a farm.

Sim Organics was founded in 2020 by Dr M Menaka Bharathidasan (PhD in Agriculture) who has transformed her own space into a bountiful garden. 

Sim Organics provides solutions to transform your space/farm into a thriving source of nutritious produce. Our passion for agriculture and our commitment to sustainability want to lead you to an organic lifestyle. We aim to help you cultivate your own food and experience the joy of harvest.

Why Grow Your Own Food?

In a world where traditional plant knowledge is fading and reliance on chemical-heavy agriculture grows, growing your food empowers you to take back control. 

Reports suggest that consuming vegetables and fruits laden with pesticides can have harmful side effects and diseases. You can fight this by cultivating fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, and microgreens using sustainable practices and biofertilizers. 

Embrace this opportunity to foster a sense of community and revive the vital wisdom of organic cultivation.

What do we offer?

Nourish Your Plants and Soil: Enhance your garden’s health with our biofertilizers, suitable for both small spaces and large-scale farming.

Freshness at Your Fingertips: Enjoy the convenience of harvested microgreens delivered to your doorstep (selected places).

Grow Your Own Greens: Start your microgreen adventure with our easy-to-use DIY kits. (Subscription Available)

Learn and Grow: Expand your gardening knowledge with our hands-on workshops.