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Top Consumed Foods Posing Detrimental Effects To Environment



Most of the people will be shock after reading this. But yes it’s true that rice is among the one which is worst for our environment. Rice accounts for one-third of the planet’s annual freshwater use. Though new farming methods has been developed in recent years which enabled farmers to grow rice up to 50 % more rice with less water but its better opting to use an alternative grain like quinoa which is much more healthier.


Hearing about the impacts coffee may have on our environment made me feel so sad. Being addicted to coffee and knowing about it makes me feel bad, but we need to face the reality that coffee is destroying our ecosystem. Due to increase in demand, coffee is grown in sunny areas that have been deforested and requires chemical fertilizers to grow faster.


Cow on average releases 70-120 kg of methane per year. This methane is harmful green house gas (Just like carbon-di-oxide) which has negative effect on our climate. Methane effects our climate   23 times more than the effect of CO2.


Well I know disappointment list is becoming unbearable but sharing right information is necessary. Corn is grown in huge mono cultures which mean large fields are used to grow only corn and also corn ruins the soil.  This method requires require usage of many chemicals and water which in turn has adverse effects on our environment.


Almost 80% of world’s almond supply is fulfilled by California. While it’s common fact that almond and almond milk are both healthy options, but it’s sad to know that they’re both making a detrimental impact on the California drought. How? It’s because it take 1.1 gallons of water to produce a single almond. You can figure out whole lot of water required.

Top Consumed Foods Posing Detrimental Effects To Environment

Top Consumed Foods Posing Detrimental Effects To Environment

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