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QUINOA-  quinoa is a flowering plant belongs to amaranth family. It is grown as a grain crop. And pronounced as “keen-wah”. It has a delicious taste with lots of medical benefits. And it looks a bit like couscous. It is also used as a substitute for rice in some areas. Here are few of its medical benefits;-

  1. Quinoa has maximum amount of protein in it.
  2. it contain iron which helps in keeping our red blood cells healthy.
  3. Due to presence of iron in quinoa, It aids in energy metabolism , neurotransmitter synthesis, enzyme activity.
  4. Quinoa contains high amount of manganese.
  5. Manganese helps in preventing red blood cells and damage of mitochondria during energy production.
  6. It is one of the most popular health food.
  7. The amount of fiber found in quinoa is much higher than any other grains.
  8. For vegans it works as a complete healthy diet food with all the basic nutrients.
  9. The seeds of quinoa are gulten-free.
  10. There are different types of quinoa. Like:- white quinoa, black quinoa, red quinoa, quinoa flakes, quinoa flour.
  11. Quinoa also contains QUERCETIN, KAEMPFEROL.
  12. Quercetin act as an antioxidant.
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