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SIM Organics- AZO Plus

  • Azo-PLUS is a high density formulation of associative bacteria Azospirillum spp.
  • The bacteria in association with the plant roots assimilate atmospheric nitrogen for crop growth.
  • Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for successful production of any crop, plantation etc.


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SIM Organics - Bio Plus

  • Bio-PLUS is a unique formulation of free living bacteria Azotobacter spp.


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SIM Organics - Rhizo Plus

  • Rhizo-PLUS contains highly useful strains of ubiquitous soil microorganism i.e. RHIZOBIUM spp.
  • Use of Rhizo-PLUS has special benefits to all the legumes as they fix atmospheric nitrogen in symbiotic association with roots of legumes.
  • Rhizobium spp. of bacteria being crop specific, we offer Separate for Mutation of different legume crops.