Jalapenos – A Miracle Food To Add On Your Diet

Jalapenos -A Miracle Food To Add On Your Diet

When it comes to hot peppers, Jalapenos are the ones that are absolutely delicious. They are very mild when compared to other chili peppers. But there are so much health benefits one would reap by incorporating Jalapeno peppers in your food. These are full of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and antioxidants, which makes it the preferable chili around the world.

Interesting Facts About Jalapeno

  • In Mexico, approximately 40000 acres of land is used to cultivate Jalapeno peppers. The Paploapan river basin and the Delicious Chihuahua area are primarily used for this purpose.
  • Other than Mexico, India, China, Peru, and Spain are the other countries that produce Jalapeno and other chilies for commercial purpose.
  • The National Hot and the Spicy day are celebrated on August 19th.
  • Usage is dated back to the time of Ancient Aztecs. But the Aztecs dried them or smoked them before consuming them.
  • The shelf life of Jalapenos is up to 3-5 weeks. After harvesting , they have to be stored at 45-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Another interesting fact is that it is the first pepper to travel to space on a space shuttle.
  • Best source of vitamin C and are very nutritious.
  • They are effective in fighting migraines and help us lose weight. They also help lower blood pressure.


Why are Jalapeno Peppers beneficial to health?

  • Low in calories

A cup of Jalapeno contains approximately 30 calories. But they are filling and satisfies hunger without increasing our calorie count.

  • Improves immune system

The amount of vitamin C present in it is amazing. A serving contains 66% vitamin C. As vitamin C stimulates the immune system, white blood cell count becomes better and helps the body to defend itself against illness.

  • Fights against Cancer

Because of the vitamin C present in it,  they help fight the free radicals, which in turn helps in preventing the mutation of healthy cells. Thus, put a control to fight against cancer.

  • Relief from migraine

Many studies have found that Jalapenos give relief for migraine headaches. There is a substance called Capsaicin, that helps inhibit the critical brain pain transmitter.

  • Anti-inflammatory

The substance Capsaicin present in Jalapenos is an anti-inflammatory agent. Thus, Jalapenos may be effective in treating arthritis, psoriasis, and other inflammatory diseases.

  • Improves our Nervous system

It contain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are important for the nervous system. Some of the vitamins like folate and helps in regulating the amino acids that are essential for the nervous system.

Jalapenos contain B-vitamin complex that is important for neural tube formation and RBC formation in the prenatal babies. One cup contains 12 percent of the recommended daily value of folate.

How To Pick Best Jalapenos?

  • Chilies without striations are not hot. Hence, choose Jalapenos without striations for any stuffed recipe.
  • Chilies with a lot of stretch marks are very hot ones irrespective of the red or green colored
  • The best way is to taste test them. The flesh of Jalapenos closer to the seeds are hotter than the flesh near the end. To test taste them, cut a small piece from the tip and have a bite!

Jalapenos -A Miracle Food To Add On Your Diet


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