Welcome to Sim Organics, your partner in cultivating a vibrant and bountiful garden! As passionate proponents of sustainable and organic practices, we are excited to provide you with comprehensive instructions to kickstart your journey into the world of vegetable and herb gardening. Follow our guidelines below to ensure a successful and rewarding gardening experience.

Seeds for Success:

When you receive your Bag containing our premium seeds, seal the bag using a household iron set to medium heat. Glide the iron across the top of the bag to secure it tightly. By following this simple step, you’ll extend the shelf life of your seeds – up to 4 years at room temperature, 5-7 years when stored in the refrigerator, and an impressive 10 years when kept in the freezer.

BEANS – (50 – 55 Days to Maturity)

Plant beans outdoors once the threat of frost has passed and both the soil and air temperatures have warmed. Sow the seeds 1-2 inches apart in rows spaced 24 to 36 inches apart. For pole beans, provide adequate support. Regularly harvesting snap varieties throughout the summer will ensure abundant yields.

BEETS – (55 – 60 Days to Maturity)

For a spring delight, sow beet seeds outdoors, placing 6-8 seeds per foot, at a depth of ½ inch. Maintain row spacing of 20-24 inches. A minimum soil temperature of 40°F is essential for successful germination.

BROCCOLI – (70 – 80 Days Maturity)

Begin indoors by sowing broccoli seeds ¼ inch deep in pots or flats, 8 weeks before the final frost. Once seedlings reach 2 inches in height, transplant them to individual pots. Outdoor planting should occur with 24-inch spacing between plants and 36-inch spacing between rows, while the possibility of a light frost remains.

CARROTS – (55 – 63 Days Maturity)

For early spring growth, sow carrot seeds outdoors 3-4 weeks prior to the last frost or when the soil is workable. Press seeds into the soil at a depth of ¼ inch, ensuring good seed-to-soil contact. Keep the soil consistently moist during germination. Thin seedlings to a spacing of 1-4 inches, depending on the anticipated mature size of the carrots.

CAULIFLOWER – (60 – 65 Days Maturity)

Kickstart cauliflower growth by sowing seeds indoors, ¼ inch deep in pots or flats, 8 weeks before the last frost. Transplant seedlings into individual pots after reaching 2 inches in height. Optimal outdoor spacing includes 24-inch gaps between plants and 36-inch gaps between rows, with consideration for potential light frosts.

CABBAGE – (60 – 65 Days Maturity)

Indoor sowing is the first step for cabbage, with seeds planted ¼ inch deep in pots or flats, 8 weeks before the final frost. Once seedlings stand at 2 inches, transfer them to individual pots. When the threat of a light frost remains, plant cabbage outdoors, ensuring 24-inch intervals between plants and 36-inch intervals between rows.

CORN – (75 – 80 Days Maturity)

Corn thrives when planted outdoors after the last frost danger has dissipated and the soil has warmed. Sow seeds 1 inch deep and 3-4 inches apart within rows spaced 3-4 feet apart. After emergence, thin seedlings to 8 inches apart. Opt for a 3-4 row block configuration to encourage well-formed ears.

CUCUMBERS – (55 – 60 Days to Maturity)

Cultivate the crisp and refreshing allure of cucumbers in your garden oasis! When the soil is warm and a week has passed since the last frost, sow 6-8 seeds outdoors, 1 inch deep, in hills with a 12-inch diameter. Space these hills 6 feet apart in both directions to allow for optimal growth. To ensure robust development, retain only 3-4 of the most vigorous seedlings after germination. Alternatively, for an early harvest, begin the journey indoors by nurturing seedlings in pots or flats 3-4 weeks prior to the last frost. Embrace the anticipation as you await the satisfying maturity of your cucumbers.

EGGPLANT – (72 – 85 Days to Maturity)

Elevate your culinary palette with the richness of homegrown eggplants! Commence this flavorful endeavor by nurturing eggplant seedlings indoors, kicking off the process 6 weeks before the last frost. Upon reaching a height of 2 inches, thin the seedlings and provide them with individual pots to flourish. Once they’re ready to venture outdoors, allot 24-inch spacing between plants and 36-inch spacing between rows. Consider the wonders of landscape cloth or black plastic in cooler climates, which can invigorate growth and productivity. Patience leads to reward as you anticipate the moment of harvest.

KALE – (50 – 60 Days to Maturity)

Unleash the nutritional powerhouse of kale in your garden sanctuary! Begin indoors by sowing kale seeds ¼ inch deep in pots or flats, 8 weeks prior to the last frost. Upon reaching a height of 2 inches, grant the seedlings individual pots to foster their growth. Outdoors, find harmony with 24-inch spacing between plants and rows, even as the possibility of a gentle frost lingers. The countdown to vibrant and hearty kale leaves is underway.

LETTUCE – (45 – 55 Days to Maturity)

Discover the art of cultivating tender lettuce, a culinary canvas for your garden-to-table creations. Outdoors, sow lettuce seeds ¼ inch deep and 1 inch apart. As growth unfolds, exercise the art of thinning to ensure 8-inch spacing for loose-leaf varieties and 12-inch spacing for head lettuce. Avoid planting amidst the peak of summer’s heat; instead, favor a soil temperature below 80°F. Keep the soil consistently moist for up to two weeks post-planting as you nurture your soon-to-be salad star.

MELONS – (85 – 100 Days to Maturity)

Embark on a journey of sweetness and succulence with your own melon patch! As the frost’s threat recedes, sow the seeds directly into warm soil for optimal results. Plant 6-8 seeds, 1 inch deep, within 12-inch diameter hills that are spaced 6 feet apart each way. After the magic of germination, thin the sprouts, retaining only 3-4 of the strongest contenders. Anticipation builds as you watch your melons flourish, each day drawing you closer to the moment of delightful indulgence.

OKRA – (48 – 60 Days to Maturity)

Embrace the sun’s warmth with the cultivation of okra in your garden haven. Once the soil temperature has risen to a cozy embrace, sow okra seeds ½-1 inch deep. Nurtured by the sun’s rays, this resilient plant thrives in full sunlight. Following germination, practice mindful thinning, maintaining 6-8 inches of space between plants. Embrace the bountiful yield of okra through diligent and regular harvest, savoring the fruits of your labor.

ONION – (95 – 110 Days to Maturity)

Embark on the journey of cultivating onions, the heart of savory delights! Kickstart your onion adventure by nurturing seedlings indoors, beginning 4-6 weeks before the time of transplanting. In flats, sow seeds ¼ inch deep, spacing them 1 inch apart in all directions. As the season blooms and the soil becomes workable, transplant your young onions, allowing them to establish their presence in the spring’s embrace. Patiently nurture them as they progress toward their final stage of maturity.

PEAS – (58 – 63 Days to Maturity)

Harness the tender sweetness of peas, a garden gem that thrives in the cool embrace of nature! Once the soil is prepared in early spring, sow pea seeds ½ to 1 inch deep, maintaining 3 inches of spacing between seeds in rows spaced 24 inches apart. For climbing peas, extend your support with trellises, and consider double rows flanking each side. As the days pass and temperatures moderate, you will soon be greeted with a bountiful harvest of peas.

PEPPERS – (70 – 75 Days to Maturity)

Ignite your garden with the fiery allure of peppers, adding a zesty touch to your culinary endeavors! Initiate the pepper journey indoors, with seeds sown ¼ inch deep. To facilitate germination, maintain a soil temperature of around 80°F with the aid of bottom heat. As the peppers mature, transplant them outdoors, ensuring soil temperatures near 80°F during the day and above 50°F at night. Embrace the vibrant colors and bold flavors that will soon grace your dishes.

RADISH – (22 – 30 Days to Maturity)

Experience the rapid joys of radishes, the crisp and vibrant jewels of your garden bed! At the first opportunity of spring’s arrival, sow radish seeds outdoors, diving ½ inch deep and maintaining a 1-inch spacing in rows 12 inches apart. The thrill of successive plantings awaits, with intervals of 3-4 weeks throughout summer and fall, guaranteeing a continual harvest of these delightful root vegetables.

SPINACH – (39 – 48 Days to Maturity)

Dive into the world of nutritious greens with spinach, a cold-loving companion that thrives in the embrace of early spring and late summer! Outdoors, sow spinach seeds ½ inch deep, preserving a 1-inch gap between seeds. With the promise of a bountiful yield, indulge in the practice of continual harvest by making successive plantings every 10 days. As the vibrant leaves flourish, your garden will abound with verdant goodness.

SQUASH – (45 – 55 Days to Maturity)

Unleash the vibrant and versatile allure of squash, an emblem of summer’s abundance! After the frost’s threat recedes, sow squash seeds outdoors, nestling 6-8 seeds 1 inch deep within 12-inch diameter hills spaced 6 feet apart in every direction. Celebrate the emergence of your squash seedlings by preserving 3-4 of the most robust contenders, ensuring they thrive as they journey toward maturity.

SWISS CHARD – (50 – 60 Days to Maturity)

Paint your garden with the vibrant hues of Swiss chard, a leafy delight that graces the soil in early spring! Venture outdoors to sow seeds ½ inch deep, maintaining a 4-inch gap between them within rows spaced 20-24 inches apart. As the chard flourishes, nurture its growth by thinning seedlings to one every 12 inches. Embrace the beauty and flavour that this resilient plant brings to your garden table.

TOMATOES – (70 – 85 Days to Maturity)

Indulge in the lusciousness of homegrown tomatoes, the quintessential delight of the summer garden! Nurture tomato seedlings indoors, igniting the journey 2-6 weeks before transplanting. With seeds sown ¼ inch deep, patiently await germination over 8-10 days. As soil and daytime temperatures reach a harmonious 70 degrees or more, transplant your prized tomatoes outdoors. Enlist supports for certain varieties, and watch as your tomato vines flourish toward a vibrant harvest.

TURNIPS – (45 – 55 Days to Maturity)

Delve into the heritage of turnips, a versatile root that finds its place in both spring and fall gardens! Kickstart the turnip journey by planting seeds 1 inch apart, then thinning the weakest seedlings to your desired spacing. Maintain consistently moist soil to prevent woody roots. Embrace the possibility of extended harvests by staggering turnip plantings every 2-3 weeks, relishing in the satisfaction as you witness their growth.

WATERMELON – (68 – 80 Days to Maturity)

Quench your garden’s thirst for sweetness with the allure of watermelons, a summer symphony of flavour! After bidding farewell to frost’s grip, sow watermelon seeds outdoors, at a depth of ½ inch, with 2 inches of space between them. Create rows spaced 20-24 inches apart, and once germination bestows its magic, thin seedlings, allowing only one to flourish every 12 inches. As the watermelons thrive under the sun’s warmth, the anticipation of harvest grows.

With each planting, you sculpt a canvas of vibrant colours and delectable flavours in your garden. Sim Organics proudly accompanies you on this journey, providing wisdom and guidance as your garden flourishes. Happy planting and cultivating!

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